Welcome to our page!

13/15 - Updating today. You may need to refresh your browser window. Sometimes this takes me
forever, so if you're looking for specific Land Speed Racing pictures, please feel free to drop me a line
and I can send them to you.  We took over 500 pictures at the July event, but unfortunately, we have
yet to make the September event.

Most of our Air Force group websites are moving or have moved to Facebook.  I highly recommend
checking pages out there.

Have a reunion coming up? Please let us know!  If it's Loring-related, or military-related, we're
interested!  A lot of our Loring personnel were stationed many other places.

The Website:
More pictures coming soon!  Do YOU have pictures that you'd like to submit?  Think we wouldn't be
interested?  Think again!  It's easy!  You can email pictures or send them through the mail.  Details are
on our "About Us" page.  Not sure of the size of the picture?  Email it anyway!

If you run into something that's not working, please let us know.  I'm moving things around and adding
new pictures as fast as I can, and I may be working on the page you're looking at!  

- Heather

Birth Certificates And Other Documents:
I get requests for these documents now and then.  Unfortunately, this is an unofficial site, so I really
can't help you with that.  However, the State of Maine can help you:
Maine Department of Health and Human Services :

The Loring Inn:
Unfortunately, the Loring Inn is no longer in operation.  Should they find a new owner and re-open, I
will be sure to post an update.

The Rendezvous:
For those wondering, The Rendezvous is alive and well and I was there in July!  Best. Pizza. EVER.  
Just sayin'.

I haven't heard anything about an upcoming concert for PHISH, but if I get official word, I'll post
something.  Meanwhile, I'd keep an eye on their official site for tour dates:

Planning A Visit?
I highly recommend getting in touch with the Loring Development Authority - http://www.loring.org .  
They can tell you what's going on and what areas are off-limits.  You don't want your journey back to
be tainted by a Letter Of Trespass.  :o)  Mary Saunders has been a tremendous help to me personally,
for which I'm grateful.